Repair and Maintenance of a Drascombe Lugger

Repairing 'Chafe' on the wooden mainmast

The main mast when erected is held tightly against the mast thwart and movement of the mast during sailing causes it to chafe and wear against the hard teak of the thwart. The same problem occurs with the unstayed mizzen mast which is held in position with a mizzen thwart.

This wear and tear is easily repaired using epoxy resin and filler as illustrated below.

Effect of chafe of the main mast against the mast thwart Effect of mast chafe

The teak mast thwart has chafed into the main mast allowing the wood to weather.

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Effective repair of main mast chafe The same area after repair

The rotten wood was been sanded away The bare wood was coated with West Epoxy Resin 105 using standard 205 hardener and then immediately built up with a stiff mixture of resin 105 plus high-density filler 404. This was then left to cure for 24 hours before sanding smooth and coating with Resin 105. Using high-density filler gives a tough renewable repair that will resist further abrasion.

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Repaired mast in place against Mast Thwart The mast in place against the thwart

The mast stepped against the Mast Thwart showing the repaired area of the main mast in contact with the Teak of the thwart.

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Project started and completed, September 2001