Repair and Maintenance of a Drascombe Lugger

Refurbishing the Main Mast: 'Before' and 'After'

The main mast BEFORE refurbishment The 'Old' mast band

At the top of the mast the original stainless steel ring mast band with attached shrouds are all held in place with a brass split pin. In use the shrouds have pulled unevenly against the ring and over time have gouged into the mast shoulders removing the varnish and allowing the wood to weather badly.

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The main mast AFTER refurbishment The 'New' mast band

The top of the mast has been repaired and rebuilt with a new mast band fitted and the shrouds and forestay attached by shackles

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Before re-coating the mast

The lower part of the left picture shows the wood of the mast in a sorry state with much of the varnish peeling away from the wood. The exposed wood has weathered to a grey colour.

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After re-coating the mast

This shows the mast after sanding away all traces of previous varnish and brushing with three coats of West Epoxy resin followed by three coats of one-pot yacht varnish.

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