Repair and Maintenance of a Drascombe Lugger

Drascombe Lugger: Constructing a replacement centreplate case capping (page 1 of 4)

These pages consider the options for damage limitation to the wooden centreplate case capping on the occasions when the centreplate is accidentally released and 'drops down' with no restraint. In an extreme situation this can split the capping. The problem is complicated by a minor design fault on some Luggers where the arm of the centreplate is about 1-2 inches too short. This causes further damage when the plate is lowered and the attached shackle 'impacts' on the capping. Where these problems have resulted in damage beyond repair, instructions are given for making a replacement capping to a modified 'impact resistant' design. Further damage is also prevented by welding an extension on to the arm of the centreplate.

I decided that Sospiri's capping was beyond further repair and had to be replaced.


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