Repair and Maintenance of a Drascombe Lugger

Improving the Sheet Horse & traveller

One thing that really jars on a Lugger (or any other Drascombe with a steel sheet horse pole), is the way the ring traveller will move rapidly across when tacking and slam into the GRP pole support with a sickening thwack! In time this shatters the gelcoat and the underlying laminate of the support.

Connected with this I have long thought about devising a simple method of controlling the position of the traveller, especially to keep it in the centre of the pole when close-hauled on a beat to windward.

This page describes an answer for both problems.

Protecting the GRP pole supports

There are several ways of doing this, but my preferred method is to use two Sea Sure Tube Clamps. Two clamps (Part No. 16.64), will fit tubes of 25 mm (1 inch) diameter. The Lugger pole is about 27 mm in diameter but the clamps will still fit OK. They can be attached at each end of the sheet horse pole (See pictures below).

Options for Replacing the Ring Traveller

Classic Marine supply what they term a Horse Traveller which slides along the sheet horse with much less friction than the stainless ring. This is made from bronze and can be attached to the sheet horse pole without removal from its supports. It is kept on the pole with a clevis pin to which the mainsheet block is also attached (See pictures below).

Options for Controlling the Horse Traveller

This can be done by attaching a ClamCleat CL244 - Aluminium Boom Cleat and Clamp, to each end of the sheet horse pole. A line from this cleat is tied to a ring attached to the Horse Traveller, thus allowing it to be locked (cleated) in position, or else, uncleated, move freely along the pole.

Photo showing traveller & horse improvements on Mk 2 Lugger Photograph showing Horse & Traveller improvements on Mk 2 Lugger

The Horse Traveller consists of a horse-shoe-shaped piece of bronze which can slide from one side to the other of the Sheet Horse pole. At the top of the Traveller can be seen the head of a stainless Clevis Pin which passes through both sides of the Traveller and to which is attached the mainsheet block plus a small stainless ring to which the red control sheets are attached.

A Sea Sure stainless Tube Clamp clamped to teach end of the sheet horse pole prevents the Horse Traveller from impacting and damaging either the GRP pole support or, as in this case, a ClamCleat.

A ClamCleat CL244, one clamped at each end of the pole, is used to control the position of the Horse Traveller on the pole. The Traveller can either be allowed to slide freely along the pole, or the lines cleated to bring the Traveller into the centre of the Horse, when beating for example.

The ClamCleat part number is CL244 - Aluminium Boom Cleat. This is fitted to the pole by means of a plastic Clamp. ClamCleat offer 3 sizes of clamp but the CL111 Clamp, (the smallest), will best fit the Drascombe Sheet Horse with a suitable rubber packing piece (supplied with the clamp).

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Photo showing horse traveller in use Photograph showing horse traveller in use

The control lines are cleated so as to anchor the traveller in the centre of the sheet horse, whilst the boat is close hauled on a beat.

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Follow this link To go to the ClamCleat website for more information on the CL244 cleat.

Project started September 2006 and completed, October 2006